Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day in the Life...

This blog post is inspired by Allison Condy's recent post this week highlighting how crazy her day can be with three small children.
5:00 am- get up to feed baby
6:00 am- still feeding baby, she pretended like she was done and ready to go back to sleep but tricked me-she knows I'm a sucker for that.
7:45 am- child #2 gets up soaking wet (combination of milk he slept in and pee that travels up his shirt since he sleeps in the weirdest prayer position)...bath time.
8:00 am- child #3 wakes up since she hears child #2 screaming like a banshee in the bath (happy little banshee)
8:30 am- breakfast/food all over the floor time
9:00 am-feed baby again, child #2 comes in and presents his diaper to me that he currently loves to take off and pee on the floor (what is it with pee and this child?)
Its a good thing my next door neighbor is a carpet cleaner.
11:00 am- mom comes over to help with the kids while I finish a Complaint (yea, at least I get to sue someone today:).
1:00 pm- sister comes over to babysit so I can go to the Courthouse and officially sue some pants off.
4:00 pm- go grocery shopping and bank, come home to find the neighbor kids running around in the rain then sloshing in and out of the house (thank you husband) again I am grateful the neighbor is a carpet cleaner.
5-7:00 pm- make dinner, clean up the disaster I call my house, feed baby, kids, husband.
7-9:50 pm- hallelujah, hallelujah, hallay looya! One night a week I get all to myself to go write. I usually go to Barnes & Noble and find a cushy chair in their quiet little nook area. Its a little piece of heaven on earth.
9:52-10:00 pm- run into Target and buy badly needed diapers and whatever else I can grab in 8 minutes before they kick me out. Strangely I was able to find over $200 worth of things I needed in that time!
10:15 pm- get home and husband is asleep on couch with baby, and child #1 is still awake enjoying a bowl of cereal.
11:00 pm- in bed finally, checking my favorite blogs before I pass out and do it all again in 5 hours.

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