Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Psychic Inspiration

One day in early Spring last year, my husband, kids, mom, and best friend were walking down the boardwalk of Seaport Village in San Diego, when my mom disappeared for a moment. I looked around to find her sitting down at a table talking to a lady with an enormous floppy hat. I didnt need the "Palm Readings" sign behind her to know what was up-she was wearing a flowing psychadelic dress, an obscene amount of trinkety jewelry, and sitting under a huge umbrella, which cast a soft blue light over her table.
Her name was Iris, I would come to find out later.
I walked over to my mom and whispered in her ear as casually as I could, "Mom, what in the world are you doing? We dont talk to are the one who taught me that!"
She brushed me off. As I was walking away I overheard the psychic ask my mom, "Is that your daughter? If so, she's pregnant."
I flipped around like a fish caught with a hook.
"Excuse me?" I asked.
"You. Are. Pregnant," she restated matter of factly. "And it's a girl."
I stared at her for a few moments too shocked to respond, but she was already back to reading my mom's tarot cards.
I knew she was a total fraud at that was impossible that I would be pregnant. Wasn't it?
I went back to my husband and told her what she said, and we stood from a distance laughing at my mom getting taken in by this poser psychic, who was making a killer living off of dopes like us.
A month later I was pregnant! Four months later I found it was a girl.
When I was six months pregnant, I decided to go back and confront this psychic. I made the treck down to San Diego to stay with my best friend again, and together we went to Seaport Village hoping to find her. And there she the same exact spot. Under that same mystical umbrella and wearing that enormous floppy hat, with the backdrop of the blue San Diego Harbor.
This time she told me that my baby girl was a psychic, and she was going to inspire me to write a book. My jaw dropped because a few weeks earlier I had a dream where my deceased grandma came to me in a dream and told me to write a book.
I wrote the first draft of the book in about 3 months. I frantically finished it the week before my sweet, loyal, and beautiful Shelbie Belle was born. (She also told me to name her something that had meaning...and that is what her name means:)
There you have it! That is why I wrote my first novel and that is my psychic inspiration.