Monday, August 16, 2010

J'adore Books!

My step-daughter Kenzie and I have one super-awesome thing in common: our love of Young Adult Books. We have the best time going to book stores, talking about stories we love, exchanging new novels, and even sharing our writing with each other. Although she is only thirteen, and I am thirty-one (hey, our ages have the same numbers, just reversed...creepy:)...we seem to live in the same fantasy worlds sometimes. She just left tonight to go back to Northern California and I wont see her again for a few months, but I cant wait to get her copy of Percy Jackson Book 2: Sea of Monsters that she bought today. I'm sad because she stole back her Harry Potter Book 1, even though she never brought me back my copy of Spells by Aprilynne Pike, or Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Not fair Kenz! But I still love your guts...and your books:). BTW, I still have your Charlie St. Cloud book that I have almost finished. And guess what? I adore it!