Thursday, September 23, 2010


What is it with me and finishing books in the wee hours of the morning? I don't think that is particularly good for my health! So yeah, I finished Eragon at 12:30 am last night/this morning...and I enjoyed it immensely.

I have to admit this was reading slightly out of my normal tastes. I am normally not a huge science fiction kind of gal, even though I loved the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings stuff, but Eragon was a great read. Dragons, elves, dwarfs, sorcerers and all. It is a really good YA book in the sense that the characters are young and innocent, i.e. not prone to adult content. But like most YA books, Hunger Games especially, the issues and themes are definitely mature: war, racism, politics, love, honor, and courage.

What I learned about this book is the importance of world building. I have read books with better prose, better pacing, better conflict, but one of the things that really keeps the reader attached this book is the feeling of being lost in Eragon's world. A world of magic, adventure, and danger, set in a completely made up land and time. I loved the feeling of being transported away from my crazy life to a place where exciting things happen in greater frequency. Although, I do think more unexpected twists could have been involved in this book.

I learned that it is important to develop characters that we can fall in love with. Characters for whom I feel sympathy, and who I want to succeed. The relationship between Eragon and his dragon is so deep and dynamic. Something so different than I have ever had...maybe I need a pet. But could I ever talk to that pet? No. This dragon is pretty cool.

One thing I thought was interesting about this author is that he was a teenager when he wrote the book and he self-published it with the help of his family. He went on an extensive tour promoting the book and getting it into the hands of some important people. Eventually, after all his hard work, it paid off when a friend of his sent it to an editor at a major publishing house. Millions of dollars's a Best Seller. Cool story, eh?

Now I just I have to get through the rest of the series. Thanks by the way to my new bff/brother's girlfriend/most awesome host of a beachhouse Michelle...for recommending this book to me. And letting me borrow it from you, even though you know its dangerous having anything that tears/rips/falls into bath tubs around my children. And yes, that does apply here, Shelbie ripped the front cover off this paperback yesterday morning! Sorreeee. I owe you.


  1. Hey Jessie! This is a WONDERFUL idea. I go to the library with the kids and have no idea where to even start looking for a good book. I do know that I trust your judgment, so this seems like a perfect place to start. I read all the Jodi Picoult books. They were good----very heavy and conflicting issues, but good. Anyways, what a fun way to keep in touch. Love ya tons!

  2. No are wonderful! Definitely start with the Hunger Games if they have it.

  3. Haha! That is so funny! Of course I forgive little cute Shelbie.. I can't believe you didn't tell me over the weekend. It was so fun hanging this weekend. I am glad you liked Eragon. It makes me want to read it again... I will bring you Eldest next time I come up or better yet maybe you should come down to Cali to get it. See you soon!

  4. I have put off reading Eragon because I dont like magic (Harry Potter was my limit). Other book bloggers loves these books too. Maybe.....