Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate

A lot of people have compared this book to the Twilight series, and I see why: sexy love triangle, paranormal beings, and high school kids with secrets. Some have even said its a better version of Twilight because the actual writing is better. I dont know about that. I do know that I liked it. And I did think the writing was excellent.

But here is a really funny story about it:

I suggested to my friend Heather that she read this book. I told her the the premise of fallen angels is intriguing, the plot is suspenseful, and the ending has a good twist. She went out and bought it immediately. The next week she came to me and started talking about the main characters, and I got confused. She was using names that didn't sound familiar. I thought my memory was a bit foggy until she started mentioning a totally unrecognizable plot line. Long story short, she was reading a completely different novel titled The Fallen! Also about fallen angels.

Here's what I learned:

Make sure to suggest Fallen by Lauren Kate and not the other one since I have no idea about that one!

Beautiful writing goes a long way. Lauren Kate's prose is superb. Her descriptions of places, events, and emotions is at times intoxicating. You feel like your there, like your breathing the muggy southern air, like your pressing your body up against the V of a fallen angel. (Sorry Kenz, that was a little R rated:)

Mixing history in with fiction is creatively stimulating. Its like what Dan Brown did with The DaVinci Code: he took historical theory and placed them in a fictional story that was believable and plausible. This book takes biblical stories and presents them in a modern light. I found her interpretation on what could be with these fallen souls to be fascinating.

Cover art makes a big difference in the feel of the story. I think the picture on the front of the book is lovely and evokes a black and white, epic-feel to the whole thing.

I want to read the second book Torment asap. It just came out and I need to make room for it in my TBR pile. This is a most def read.

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