Sunday, October 10, 2010

RWA Conference in Park City

This weekend I went to Utah for a writer's conference with my fabulous friend Erin Summerill. It was the slc chapter of Romance Writers of America. Although I didn't totally fit in since there were mostly adult romance writers there (even some Erotica writers...ooh, yea I know:) I had the best time. First of all Park City is gorgeous, and so was our resort hotel. Second of all, I learned so much. Here it is:

I learned that you don't have to be single to mingle! Uhhh, I mean network. My friend Erin invited me to stay in her room with two friends of hers- Julie Donaldson and Jaime Mormann. Wow, do I feel grateful to have met them and become their friend. So my three rommates are well on their way to fame and fortune, and I'm lucky enough to know them and glean some of their talent and wisdom. Julie is the next John Bytheway for Deseret Book and is about to pick up a national market agent because she knows how to work it (even if it takes throwing up in front of said agent to get it done), Jaime is the next Martha Stewart (but a younger more chic version) who is impressive on so many levels, and Erin is the next big breakout YA author because she is hilarious, ridiculously talented, and agents and editors love her. I learned a lot from these girls.

I learned that agents and editors are awesome, and I want one. They come from NY and CA and they want to help, they want debut authors, they want great ideas and good writing. I got to fetch a Diet Coke for super agent Laurie McLean, and she gave me her card with a note on the back to send her my first three chapters. She is probably the nicest agent I've ever met and I really hope that me, Erin, Julie and Jamie get her to rep us all one day:!

I learned that the authors who are successful are dedicated, hard working, tough as nails, and have been so for years and years. I also learned that they are mostly really humble approachable people (mostly anyway).

I learned I need to go to more conferences just like this one. It was fantastic. Thanks Erin!

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