Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The reason I chose this book is because I had the opportunity to sit next to its author at a writing conference a few weeks ago. I had heard good things about the book previously, but I had never gotten around to it. But I figured I had a good reason to now...she was totally nice, sweet, generous, and a gluten-free eater (not that this fact has anything to do with anything, just that we sat next to each other at dinner and I noticed:)...and therefore she deserves my readership.

Good thing too, because I really enjoyed this read. I had been so stuck on Eldest that I forgot what is was like to read a book full throttle and finish in a few days. So here's what I learned:

Fast-paced page turners are definitely more fun to read. At least for me. I loved how she kept mysteries afloat that made me want more and more and more, until it was 2 a.m. and I forced myself to get out the of the ice cold bath water I had been sitting in for 3 hours!

I learned that sexual tension works for me. Not that I didnt already know that about myself...but I am saying that the author's that work that in well get my attention better. That is not to say that this book is overly "sexual" because it's not. In fact, it is pretty tame (Bree Despain is LDS I presume). But, there was just enough to make me plow through until that angsty kiss finally came.

I learned that one little hint at an unsolved mystery can make a reader get very involved in the book. I wont be too specific, but at one point in the book another character says something sinister about someone...but we dont know who he is talking about. I spent the next 2 hours wanting to know who that person was. Was it the love interest, was it the brother, was it the friend, the father, the butler in the library with the candlestick? And let's just say it was a great surprise.

I learned that having a great name is helpful. I wanted to read this book because it had two ascetically enticing names on the front cover: Bree Despain (that is a cool Frenchy sounding name) and The Dark Divine (I know this use of D's in a cool way is some kind of literary tool that I dont even know the name of!).

Overall, I thought it was a great, quick, interesting read. It is definitely paranormal, which is my fave. Though I couldnt figure out what kind of paranormal characters existed in it for a long time, which intrigued me. Plus she definitely put a new twist on the genre.