Saturday, July 2, 2011

B is for Belatedly Beautiful

The Real Rapunzel

I have an excuse for my belatedness...Disneyland! Yesterday, two dreams came true when Kid #2 and Cousin #1 got to meet the Real Rapunzel in the flesh. No worries that we had to wait an hour and half in the blazing sun. It was worth the wait. And it was beautiful--just look at the way the girl's eyes are all lit up. So here's what I learned:

I learned that its okay to look up to people. Back in the day I used to idolize the Disney princesses too. And I wont lie that when Belle waved at me from her perch on the parade float that I didn't feel special for a second. We all have to have heros, people to look up to, someone we want to be  more like. I really look up to authors like Elana Johnson, Janette Rallsion, Ally Condie, Allyson Noel, and others who have found success, even in the face of adversity or challenge.

I learned that inspiration can come from all sorts of unexpected places. For example, I am trying to make some major decisions in my life right now, and it seems like there are all sorts of answers and hints all over the place. For example, California Adventures has an amazing new water show, and Pochahontas sings about making the safe choice is risking never knowing. Just one line made me feel like making braver choices in life.

I learned that vacation is good. And I want to do it full-time!


  1. bad girl, bad girl, you've been to Disneyland and didn't take poor Dezzy with you??? :)

  2. I love that when you really need to figure something out, there are things that are there to help YOU specifically figure it out! Pretty awesome.

    And that picture is GOLD.

    (Can I share a secret? I haven't ever been to Disneyland. And neither has my husband. Or my kids, naturally. Hm. Maybe we should go. Maybe we can call it a "help with life decisions" trip. :))

  3. Oh boy...Julie u don't know pocahontas! But thanks for caring.Peggy...its not a huge secret or anything. We might be moving to huntington beach but its hard to leave family.

  4. aw, so sweet! :)
    disney princesses can be decent "role models" i think, if only they would cut out the whole prince/perfect love thing.