Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team NaNoReviMo

Thanks Tara for creating this cool button! Now, I just have to figure out how to install it in my sidebar! (I hate revealing how incredibly lame I am the techy).

NaNoReviMo is off to a killer start! I have been inundated with updates from fellow revisers, full of inspiration, ideas, and good ol' kick in the butts. I can't be left in the dust. I am accountable. I must revise. I will polish and perfect.

Today, I am going to try to do something helpful and/or useful: submit a revising tip. I have been researching the revising process, and this is a little gem I have come up with:


Okay, I don't think any published author actually wrote those exact words. That is definitely my slant on the tip. It doesn't matter how you do it.

  • Email it to Kinkos to get it bound--it's cheap and when your book hits the big time you could auction it off for a cool mill'. 
  • Print it out at home and three ring bind it.
  • Go to your mom's house and print it out there using her paper and ink--that stuff costs as much as gold!
I went for the Kinkos version. I am going to read the whole DANG thing in two days! With my little red pen and highlighter. I am also keeping track of notes in a notebook.

It's amazing how the words look and sound so different on the page, as opposed to the jaded computer screen. 

Just an idea! 

Go Team NaNoReviMo!


  1. I'll definitely try that when I finish this thing! And I love the idea of getting it bound.

  2. it is a firmly recommended suggestion, but yeah, hundreds of pages! and just to mark it up! ah! i will wait for one more revision, then i will feel better about passing it around for others to mark up =)

  3. Love the kinkos idea. I will go that route when I'm ready. Best of luck to you too. And keep your hands off my 19 books! ;)

  4. I'm a big fan of the printout method of revision too. Seeing words on paper--it's harder to excuse/read over the bad stuff.

  5. I printed mine and it's in a clear plastic wallet. I can flip through the pages and place the hacked, I mean edited, pages at the back.
    I'm also using a notebook for ideas that pop up in bits that I'm not looking at.
    It's fantastic seeing everyone's mails updating us on their progress. :o)

  6. After I've edited and re-edited and had a critique partner scour through it, I print out my manuscript. I do the Kinko's thing, but I take my thumb drive into the store.

    ~I suggest having them print both back and front of each page for a cheaper route.

    I then stick the manuscript in a three ring binder and have my beta readers read it. So, as of now, I have two such manuscripts sitting in my house and I'm thinking I will personally go through and re-edit each one. Thanks for reminding me!

    Oh, and it cost me close to $40 to print out about 350 pages, front and back. Just to give people an idea.

  7. I love making your mom eat the cost :) That is what parents are for--right?

  8. Go team NaNoReviMo!! I've printed it out before. (I do it at work-SHHHH!)It really does help A LOT. I hope I will be ready to do that again before the end of November.

    I really liked Leigh Ann's idea with letting her Kindle read it out loud to her.

  9. Great post! I can't afford printing right now, so I use an alternate method. I save my MS as a PDF, and digitally ink markups in Acrobat. :)

  10. Best of luck with your revising... and totally agree the print out version is so much easier to pick up errors... I'm crazy enough to attempt both NanoWrMo and NanoReMo... I might very well drive myself batty by the end of the month.

  11. I agree about printing that sucker out. When I have ink, I do. It's easier to make notes and cross things out, but it's also kinda cool to hold it in your hands. Very satisfying. Oh, and I have to agree with Erin's dislike of the word moist. ;)

  12. I used to always do that, now it doesn't help like it used to, because I've done SO many critiques that doing it on the computer just feels normal. The other thing I do OFTEN is to just scroll up or down (or flip to a random page) and then pretend that one page is the only thing someone will see of my book before deciding to buy it.
    That helps, too.
    Good luck :D

    If you want to cheat, you can take a screen shot of the pic, and then just add the pic to your sidebar in the layout part of blogger.
    (command, shift,4)

  13. I'm currently editing the 550 pages of my latest translation so I'm feeling kinda like I'm nanowrimoing :)

  14. Good luck! And don't forget the read aloud step. That is the most crucial in my revising.

  15. There's nothing like reading your book when it looks like a book. :) It's kinda thrilling!

  16. me again, now i have an award for you, it will be posted shortly =)

  17. Hey girl! I gave you an award today! Don't worry if you don't have time to pass it on. I know it's ReViMo time! :)

  18. Tara = talented. Great, great button. Because revising is just as important as drafting. It actually becomes exceedingly important once the draft is complete so it deserves it's own button!!! Also - I'm right there with you on the Kinkos print outs. It's the best way to edit!