Monday, December 5, 2011

I Have Reading "ADHD"

Now that NaNoReviMo is over, and I am done with my first round of revisions,  and my critique partners have my manuscript in their trusty hands (or inboxes)...I finally have some time on my hands to catch up on the TBR pile mounting next to my bed. But, I have a little ADHD going on when it comes to what I am reading:

LEGEND, by Marie Lu

VARIANT, by Robison Wells

HEIST SOCIETY, by Ally Carter

MR. MONSTER, by Dan Wells


I didn't intentionally start five books at once. I had a strategy. I wanted to the read beginnings of a few books and study what made them great, or what stood out to me. It was very enlightening. Here's some of what I learned:
  • Each one has grabbed my attention in different ways. But there is one constant in each: mystery. They all presented a mystery or a problem that I wanted to find the answer to. I'm totally hooked in each one.
  • No matter what tense or perspective the author chose, they all made the action present and dynamic. I didn't feel like I was reading something that already happened. It was happening for me, right now.
  • They all had a tone that foreshadowed the conflict of the book. So for Heist Society she starts out witty and snarky voice, which tells me that I can expect a fun ride. Whereas, with Variant, the tone is somber and creepy, which tells me that something is wrong here. Which made me think, "What is the tone of my manuscript?"
  • There are so many clever ways to draw the reader in: switches in point of view (like LEGEND), or switches in time period (like WATER FOR ELEPHANTS), or dramatic switches of setting (like HEIST SOCIETY when she sweeps the reader off to Paris), or life-altering switches of circumstances (like VARIANT). 
And now I have five books that I wish I were reading right this second! They are all calling my name!

Do you love these books as much as I do?


  1. I haven't read any if those. So I'll be expecting a full report. Have fun reading!

  2. K, If I were you I would finish Heist Society first. I haven't read Legend but I want to. I didn't like water for elephants.

    I've done that before also, started a bunch. Usually the best one wins out.

  3. I love this post! It gives me lots of food for thought.

    And NaNoRevMo will never be over!! :D

  4. I just got Legend and can't wait to read it..
    I read Water for Elephants eons ago and really enjoyed it.
    Variant is on my TBR pile

    Right now, I'm reading 2 books at once.. It's not something I usually do unless one is really slow paced.

  5. I can't read more than one book at a time. I am the champion of propagating the male stereotype of us dudes being horrible multi-taskers. One book at a time is about all I can handle!

  6. Happy reading! Water for Elephants is amazing.

  7. I just got Legend and am starting it tonight so I can get Marie's questions together. I can't wait.

  8. I have Legend and Variant up next in my TBR. I can't wait to read them both. Glad to hear you like them both so far.

    I've been really focused on beginnings recently and you're right, matching the tone of the book is so important.

  9. I have reading adhd too! Except I don't start them all at the same time....

    P.S. Pick Heist Society.

  10. No way! I read three of those! And yes. I am completely an ADHD reader. Do hard to stick with one. I'm literally reading three at the same time right now. :)

  11. Oh man! What a dilemma! Love what you found about the beginnings tho! That's awesome. I just found me some new ones to add to my TBR list, while others I have read and loved! Good luck!

  12. Holy crap, girl! 5 books at the same time? My limit is two. I'm dying to read Variant and Legend! :D

  13. I started reading Water for Elephants once and though it was written well it got a little too X rated for me. Variant is on my list!

  14. I couldn't do 5 at a time--I'm not that good of a multitasker. Impressive.

  15. yay! i was looking for some good books! Variant is on my list, but i will check out the others!

    i think my book adhd might be worse because i am reading 2 books, but they arent holding my interest, making me look elsewhere for more!


  16. Oh, how to decide which one to read first... Good luck and enjoy! Congrats on NaNo, too!

  17. I did that as well! only 4 books though. I wanted to look at the styles and see how they made them active rather than passive.