Monday, April 23, 2012

Storymakers 2012 Head Count

Countdown: T minus 10 days for the 2012 Storymakers Writer's Conference, and I am totally stoked about it!

But this is the thing, I'm confused about who among my blog friends will also be attending. I need a head-count. If you are coming, and you want to wear matching outfits with me, say "aye."

 Just kidding (about the matching outfits, but not about the saying "aye" part). So holla at me in the comments and tell me:

  1. If you are going (and if you aren't why not???)...
  2. If you are going the Publication Primer or Bootcamp on Thursday...
  3. If your planning on wearing anything special or sparkly (like glitter or blingy earrings) so I can look you up...
  4. If you are pitching to an editor or agent...
  5. If you are as excited about it as I am...
  6. If you are going to meet me in the hot tub on Friday night...
Seriously, I am going to print out my comments and then stalk find you at the conference. I want to know if you are as awesome in real life as you seem on your blog. 

In the mean time, I will be at my neighbors pool--trying to cool off from this 100 degree Las Vegas weather, work on polishing my manuscript, and get some sun. Because let's face it...tan makes fat look good. Well, at least better. Holla!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What Does Your Profile Picture Say About You?

Last October I went to a writing conference that myself and a few of my fellow writing friends unofficially dubbed the "Porno Conference." It's totally NOT a porno conference at all-we are just super immature like that. It is officially called the Heart of the West Romance Writer's of America Conference, which is held in Park City every year.

One of the biggest things I took away from the conference this past year (other than how to write a super sexy love scene) was professional blog advice, particularly when it comes to the profile picture. Will I share? Ah, oui:

First and foremost, I learned the picture I had posted at that time sucked to the max. But more specifically:
  1. Profile pics should be of you. Not Edward Cullen. Despite the fact it might get you more blog traffic.
  2. Profile pics should be professional. Not necessarily taken by a professional, but you looking your best.
  3. They should be head shots, or at least focused on the face. Even if you have really great cleavage.
  4. They should be current. Not you ten years ago when you used to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.
  5. They should represent you as an author. Not you in other mediums. (So if you love riding bulls, don't post a pic of you riding a's sort of irrelevant. And a weird example too :)>
  6. They should be formatted correctly. Not to big, taking over your whole page, and not too small, making your blog readers squint and zoom to see what you really look like. 
  7. They should be flattering but not self-indulgent. That's what Facebook is for, right?
  8. They should tell the world (readers, agents, editors, friends) that you take this thing seriously. That presentation matters to you. That you understand how you present yourself to the world says something about you.
But one thing the lecturer didn't say was not to use photoshop! No one is perfect :) That's why I asked my famous photographer friend Erin Summerill, who also happens to be the same famous blogger Erin Summerill, to photoshop the heck out me! In real life I look like an ogre. But she managed to do something with my normally green skin.

Now I can say I actually applied some of the things I learned at a writers conference! I have a new professional pic over there on the sidebar.

What about you? What does your profile pic say about you? (Loaded question, I know.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another B-Word

Beach Bum!

No, this picture is not of me (unfortunately). I am not that tan, skinny, or lucky to be so alone. Add two thousand more people (including six sandy cracked children), much larger waves (Huntington Beach has some seriously hot surfer eye candy), and a slight sun burn (from two days of naively soaking up the sun).

Whatever. I'm on Spring Break. So forgive me for not having a super awesome helpful writing post today. Everyone deserves a little Spring Break bummin', right? Especially since I am hard at work beta reading for friends (which is really fun actually).

So, what have you done...or are you doing...or going to do for your Spring Break?