Monday, April 23, 2012

Storymakers 2012 Head Count

Countdown: T minus 10 days for the 2012 Storymakers Writer's Conference, and I am totally stoked about it!

But this is the thing, I'm confused about who among my blog friends will also be attending. I need a head-count. If you are coming, and you want to wear matching outfits with me, say "aye."

 Just kidding (about the matching outfits, but not about the saying "aye" part). So holla at me in the comments and tell me:

  1. If you are going (and if you aren't why not???)...
  2. If you are going the Publication Primer or Bootcamp on Thursday...
  3. If your planning on wearing anything special or sparkly (like glitter or blingy earrings) so I can look you up...
  4. If you are pitching to an editor or agent...
  5. If you are as excited about it as I am...
  6. If you are going to meet me in the hot tub on Friday night...
Seriously, I am going to print out my comments and then stalk find you at the conference. I want to know if you are as awesome in real life as you seem on your blog. 

In the mean time, I will be at my neighbors pool--trying to cool off from this 100 degree Las Vegas weather, work on polishing my manuscript, and get some sun. Because let's face it...tan makes fat look good. Well, at least better. Holla!


  1. I'll be there! I'm coming on Thursday for the Bootcamp, not pitching anyone. Hope I meet you :)

  2. You know I'll be there. :)

    Primer, inkPageant shirt, agent pitching, excited, and ... there's a hot tub?

  3. I will not be there :(

    I'm very sad about this, and may be cursing for two weeks after Storymakers that I didn't make it.

    BUT hopefully, SCBWI will be worth it...

    I'm sure you'll have a blast!
    Storymakers is a fab, relaxed group.

  4. OMG. Those outfits are horrendous. Those guys are the unsexiest thing you've ever had on your blog.

    You are know about me and Storymakers. I will try not to sit at home and be jealous. Maybe next year. And if I do go next year, we have to find matching outfits that beat the ones in the picture.

  5. I'll be there, but only on Saturday. Love those outfits.

  6. 1. Heck yes!
    2. You know it, girl.
    3. Undecided, but I can guarantee my outfit will have a named theme. (That kind of thing happens when you ride with Erin.)
    4. No, but I'm a huge proponent of the pitch session.
    5. Times 1000. ;) It is, after all, the two year anniversary of us meeting.
    6. Jury's still out.

  7. Hmmm, I thought about it at one point, but I don't think I'm ready for it this year (I'm such a wimp when it comes to pregnancy. It just takes a number on me physically.)

    Have fun, though! If I change my mind, I'll let you know. Besides, if I come, I'm probably easy to spot--just look for the waddling penguin, er, pregnant lady.

  8. 1. YES! YES! YES!
    2. Not this year
    3. For sure something special!!! How can you not? I just found some darling pink wedges. Now for something to wear them with...
    4. Yes! And I'm freaking out.
    5. More!!!
    6. Hmmm, even if I'm tan I'm not sure you want to see me in a swimsuit. Seriously :)

  9. Once again, I'm on the wrong side of the country. *Sigh* Have fun for me! :)

  10. 1. YES!! :D
    2. I won't be at publication primer, but I will be at the hotel on Thursday night! :)
    3. No sparkles here... just look for the pregnant lady. :P
    4. Nope.
    5. YES! SO excited!
    6. Maybe I'll dip my toes in, but this prego lady is staying far away from swimsuits!

  11. Not only are those twin dudes totally rocking the ugly 90s Color Me Badd getup, they have massive come-overs to boot!!!

    Nope, won't be at the conference, as I live too far. St. Louis to Utah would be a long drive!

  12. I'm going, will be at Publication Primer, will probably have some sort of owl jewelry, but I'm six feet tall, so not hard to miss, I'm pitching Friday morning, am excited for the conference, a little stressed for the pitching, and will probably hit the hot tub :)

  13. Yes, I'll be there. No, not at boot camp, no on pitching, YES on signing (!!) and probably just toe-dipping on the hot tub. Unless Dick Norris will be there again. ;)

  14. See you there, Jessie! Go easy on my 10 pages, k?

  15. Aw, I wish I were going, but it's a little far for an Aussie ;)

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  17. I have always believed in the tan to fat ratio--the tanner you are the skinnier you appear. LOL. :) I won't be at the conference, but I look forward to hearing ALL about it!

  18. I'm excited to be attending for the first time! And I'm really looking forward to meeting you. Hopefully you and Erin and Peggy won't mind a newbie like me following you around.

  19. I can't wait to hear about your time at the conference!