Monday, July 30, 2012

Writing and the Olympics

I don't know about you guys, but the start of the Olympics has been totally inspiring to me! The patriotism, the competition, even the commercials have given me goose bumps.

Every day,  I look forward to events that normally I'd never really care about. Like Synchronized Diving or Shooting Skeet. But because of the coverage and the back-stories NBC does on these athletes, every event is fascinating to me. Each athlete's road to the Olympics has been different, but in every case, it's involved tireless hard work, sacrifice and resolve.

And it made me hard am I working toward achieving my dream of publication gold? Are my writing muscles as strong as those 1% body-fat gymnasts' muscles?

Let's just say I am inspired to do better. How about you? What's been your favorite Olympic story or event?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blogiversary and Winner...

Today is the day! That is, the day I started my blog exactly one year ago. Let's see if I can make it another year ;) Thank you to all of you who participated in the One Year, One Month, One Day, One Incredible Giveaway Blogiversary! Without further ado, the winner is:

Congrats Faith! I believe Peggy is way ahead of the game and already sent you your $75 Amazon gift card.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Year, One Month, One Day, One Incredible Giveaway

1 Year, 1 Month, and 1 Day ago, my dear friend and writing partner Peggy Eddleman started her delectable blog Will Write For Cookies. 1 week later, I followed her and re-started mine. What can I say? I'm a follower.

So since we started this blogging journey together, it only seemed appropriate to celebrate it together. And we want to give stuff away! Sure it's a bit like buying everyone dinner at your own birthday party, but whatev. We want to say gracias, merci, and THANK YOU to all of you for being our friends, supporting and teaching us so much in just one year. If I could, I'd spoon every single one of you! Or at least some of you ;). I wouldn't want to get a reputation for being a spooning slut. In any case, we want this giveaway to be totally awesome. And how do you go totally awesome? Well, you give away this:

That’s right! Always wanted an e-reader? Here’s your chance to win! Already have one? You can get your choice of a gift certificate to Amazon, your choice of books from The Book Depository, or if you’re in the U.S., books from your favorite indie bookstore! This giveaway is even open internationally! (Where you live might affect the prize available to you. You’d have a choice of Amazon if it’s available in your country, or books from The Book Depository anywhere in the world.)

All you have to do to enter is:
  • Make sure you are following both Peggy and I
  • Comment on both of our blogoversary posts
  • Tell us how much you love us
  • Promise to give us a kidney if we should ever be in need of one.
(Just kidding on those last two!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So if you haven't already, head on over to Peggy's at Will Write For Cookies, for more chances to win. We will choose ONE winner next Monday, July 23rd--my actual blogoversary.

And one last thing, I have to give Peggy the Biggest thanks for Being the Best Blogging Bff a girl could ask for. Peggy, you are such a B-Word! You have definitely earned your spooning session!