Friday, December 7, 2012

National Finals Rodeo and Character Names

Who out there loves a good rodeo? Well, last night I got to to the biggest one out there:

That's right, the National Finals Rodeo here in Las Vegas. It was awesome! As I sat there soaking up the excitement, the patriotism, the energy of the sold out crowd, I couldn't help but be inspired.

The lights go out, the lasers shoot across the fireworks and smoke, Taylor Hicks comes out to sing the National Anthem, hats go over racing hearts. Then the lights come back on the horses and cowboys come busting out of the shoots full speed with their State's flags whipping above them. They are introduced to roaring applause. And without a moment's interruption the games begin with the saddle broncs. Oh man, it was exciting!

The more I sat there, I thought about creating some majorly fascinating characters. These guys (and a few girls) are interesting folk (that's my country-speak). When the contestants are about to ride, the announcers tell a snippet or two about their lives. Like this one steer wrestling dude was a Nose Guard for Montana State for four years before he started competing in rodeos. He was huge. And this other cute little roper guy is about to have his first baby any day now. The part I loved the most was when they put their names on the megatrons with their headshots and hometowns. Freaking awesome cowboy names like:
  • Cody Ohl
  • Winn Ratliff
  • Buster Record Jr.
  • Rhen Richard
  • Ace Slone
  • Stetson Vest
  • Friday Wright II
  • Bobby Baize
  • Beau Brooks
  • Twister Cain
  • Hunter Cure
  • Bucky Campbell
  • Bo Casper; and my fave:
  • Ty Herd
If you think I am making any of these names up, please visit Defendant's Exhibit A for proof.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Wow. I think Bo Casper is my favorite too. I mean, really? How manly is that?

    I'm glad you had fun!

  2. I like looking at cowboys. They're all universally skinny with that small framed wide-eyed look that's pretty much "hot".

  3. That's great! I think Twister is my favorite name. My best friend is out there now, too. She goes every year.

  4. Sounds like tons of fun!! My male love interest in the book that roped my agent is one of these boys. ;) He doesn't have a super snappy name though. Maybe I should create one. Well, his nickname is Drew Bit. I wonder if that counts.

  5. Yum! Cowboys. I'm swooning over these names here...

  6. I love those! My favorite was Buster Record. :D

  7. As much as I may deny it, I do love cowboys. And they do have the coolest names ever! :)

  8. those names are conjuring up one rip ringer of a story! along the lines of cowboys & aliens, only better =)

  9. I was gonna say something along the lines that Jen did, but she beat me too it :) We do have some yummy cowboys in our book. Have to keep these in mind ;0

  10. I wonder what would be my cowboy name? :)

  11. we have a small-town rodeo we go to every year (we do not get Taylor Hicks or any other hicks, really, to sing at our rodeos. We just have big speakers and 6 year olds that can sing the national anthem better than me). Cowboys names are awesome.

  12. Oh man. That sounds like so much fun! I've never been to a rodeo, per se, but I did attend a PBR event as a VIP a few years ago. We had seats over the chutes, and there were riders sitting all around us. Heaven, I tell you, heaven!

    Merry Christmas, Jessie! :)

  13. I would have absolutely guessed you were making those names up without proof, ha ha!

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