Monday, March 11, 2013

First Score!

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I intended for all my post titles to be dirty...

Honestly, not always. I admit that sometimes it can be 100% intentional shock value publicity tool. Sometimes it's a subconscious move because I'm in a "mood." And sometimes it's just you. The reader. Ya'll can be dirty too!

Today, the post title is NOT meant to be dirty at all. It's not about sex, or drugs, or robbing banks...

It's about the feeling I had yesterday when my seven year old daughter scored her first goal ever during her season opening soccer game! After the ball went in the goal she turned around to find her whole family jumping up and down like maniacs. Okay, maybe it was just me, the crazy soccer mom! (Have I become the crazy soccer mom?!)

Anyway, I wanted to run out on the field and tackle her with this:

I didn't. Of course. Well, I did. After the game, I squeezed her so tight she begged for mercy!

The moment reminded me a lot of the time I received a phone call from my dream agent offering representation. The rush of excitement and validation was overwhelming. The possibilities of what it meant for my dreams of being a published author were exhilarating. But, alas..


I didn't have any teammates to jump on me and adorn me with excited jubilation. I had my husband, who tried to act excited, but really didn't know 100% what it meant since no actual money or book deals were involved. I called my CP's, but they live hundreds of miles away, so virtual hugging was all that went down there. I told my kids, who appeared mostly worried about the "crazy look" mommy had in her eyes, and just wanted their dinner already. Dinner schminner, kids!

The moral of this story:
  • Scoring goals for the first time is awesome.
  • Scoring an agent is awesome too.
These are huge moments! Like completely ginormous. But once the they are over, there comes a time when it's best to log it in as one of the "best few seconds of your life," and then...


Write some more books and kick some more butts :) Am I right? What is your most recent ginormous moment?


  1. That's thing, making one goal doesn't win the game. Especially if you quit playing once you've scored. I better get to work :)

  2. Yes, I think I'm just dirty sometimes too. :) And it's true that the ginormous moment will pass by and we need to get back to writing again. Been feeling that big time this week.

  3. so right!
    because once you reach a goal, you have to set more. you dont just sit on it or say, now i can die happy
    celebrate, sure! go nuts! but then, shows over, back to work =)
    getting there is half the fun anyway!

  4. So awesome about your daughter. My daughter is on the high school swim team and it's such a team celebration for everyone's victories and support through the disappointment.

    If I get an agent, I'll have the same reaction as you at home. Though my daughter has read my manuscript when she was in grade school so will be a bit more excited for it.

  5. Haha, I usually try to make it into something dirty because I expect it. ;0) Love those first goal moments. And I'm submerged in training for the next goal. LOL.

  6. In many ways I feel like we're so lucky that we have our crit groups and virtual internet friends in this writing age. Can you imagine how lonely it felt for people even one generation removed?

    And big congrats to your daughter. That first score is always amazing to see!

  7. Celebrate the achievements then get back to work. Love it.

  8. Oh boy do I need to remember this more often. Congrats to your daughter too - that's awesome!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter! That's awesome. :) And I'm with you. As soon as the dust settles, it's time to work on the next "goal".

  10. Congrats to your daughter, Jessie! I work on the next goal too (right now I am concentrating on my grad school app due the end of this week...eek!!!). I also got my first rejection today (on a partial). The agent had good things to say along with the not so, and I was so happy to get it. I know that sounds crazy but on my last query go around I got no feedback (even on partials). * snoopy dances *

    1. I love your mentality Rachel! It's true, feedback is awesome, even if it is a no. And it's total progress from form rejections.

  11. LOL! Girl, bring on the dirty titles. I like the extra "oomph" it adds!

    And yay for your daughter! Those moments are so amazing. And we can be crazy soccer moms together. I totally get that! A totally bummer that writing can't be a team sport, but at least there's a lot of support - near or far. :)

  12. That's wonderful that your daughter scored a goal; soccer can be pretty intense and so goals are definitely important. And congratulations on your agent; that's awesome. I've heard of authors who "co-wrote" novels, so I guess that would be the exception. But I don't think I could write a novel with anyone, because I'm a control freak and I want to write it on my terms.

  13. congrats to your daughter! and for the record, i just followed you AGAIN because you keep falling off my blog roll, and we certainly can't allow that to happen!

  14. Scoring is the best! Congrats to your daughter! (And again to you!)

  15. Kids are never impressed with how amazing we are. Would it kill them to give us a high five?

  16. My most recent glorious moment was having my publisher buy another one of my books. Hubs was out of town. Kids were tired. And I did the dishes and put in another load of laundry with a bigger smile than normal. That's it, lol.

  17. That's why I love writing! (Being alone is great.) :)

  18. ps, congrats to your soccer girl! welcome to team sports!

  19. Awe! Yay for your daughter! That's the best feeling. Maybe even more so for the mom. :)