Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Keeping In Touch

So, I'm not "officially" participating in the A-Z challenge. You might wonder if that's me conceding to not being up to the challenge of blogging almost every single day of the month! You might be correct.

BUT, I feel like the A-Z challenge has sort of prevented me from blogging regularly since most participants feel the need to meet new people, especially the ones "officially" participating. Well, screw that! The A-Z challenge will not defeat me. Even if only two people visit my blog because I'm not on the linky-list. Whatev, A-Z!

Yet, I want to Keep in Touch. I still want to be involved in the conversation. I want to know what's happening with you,  and for you to know what's happening with me. So as for moi, I'll B-word it out:
  • I'm on vacation in Huntington Beach, California. I'm on the beach right now as I write this post.
  • I've written 25,000 words on my WIP in the last couple weeks. It's a straight YA contemporary set in France.
  • I bought a $500 blender from Costco called the Vitamix which has changed my life. Spinach and kale smoothies everyday. I'm going to live to be a hundred years old!
  • I Facebook messaged my tumultuous high school best friend/boyfriend/ex who is now a plastic surgeon. It's cool, my husband knows. TMI.
  • And I have had a very life-changing couple of weeks in terms of my writing career, which I will share more about on Monday. So tune in! 
How about you? Any random fun facts about your life? And feel free to one is reading my blog during the A-Z challenge anyway! :).


  1. haha, I'm sorry you feel neglected! I still love you!

    First of all, I totally want a vitamix. Super jealous.

    Second, wahoo on all the writing stuff and vacation! Jealous again.

    Third, thanks for the laugh about your ex. I totally did that once, only my ex became a military man. So glad I didn't stay with him!

  2. I didn't do the A-Z challenge either. We're such rebels! I knew I liked you for reasons beyond your sharp sense of humor and incredible writing skills.

    You're on the beach? I take back every nice thing I just said about you because jealousy is like that. It's ugly.

    I don't know which to be more curious about-- why you're in touch with an ex or why you're in touch with a plastic tell.

    Finally-- and seriously-- am looking forward to reading about your new writing directions and support, encourage and cheer you on as you look forward to new paths.

    1. Julie, don't be too curious about the ex-boyfriend/plastic surgeon thing! He just got married and I ran into his brother, that's all. After all, Mr. Humphries reads this blog (sometimes).

    2. Yup-- kidding, but it did make for an intriguing combination!

  3. So can't wait to hear your news. I didn't do the A-Z challenge either. It doesn't fit with my blog. I am following some though not everyday. Most of them are stopping by my blog so don't let that stop you from blogging. I'm surprised it hasn't been much quieter this month, except I've missed you. But it sounds like you're having an awesome time on the beach. And the rule for vacations is to take a break from reading blogs, so enjoy it!

  4. Can't wait to hear that news! Exciting :)

  5. I signed up to do thet A-Z challenge but never, um. well yeah. It didn't happen. WHOOPS!!!!

    I have a feeling I know what this news is but LALALALA. will wait impatiently for Monday to find out if I am write.

    Facts about me:
    - I just learned that Facebook now will charge you $1 USA dollars to message someone you are not friends with. Um. What the hell-o kitty!
    - I have 8 fulls out with agents and one publisher. (Um, big 6 publisher. That contacted me. O_O)
    - I am still unemployed. Ugh. It's been a year since I graduated college. :-/
    - My birthday is in a few weeks. O_o (May 1st)
    - I am going to Book Expo America this year even though I said last year was, well, my last year. . . Never say never right??

    Hope your weekend's a blast!

  6. How dare you post in the sacred month of April without an A to Z post. The nerve! Haha. Looks like you've have an exciting month so far. Can't wait to see your news on Monday!

  7. Waiting on the big announcement! :D

    As for TMI, does your ex do breast lifts? After nursing four kids, I'm in dire need. Carrot boobs are not sexy. LOL!

    BTW, my mom drinks kale and spinach shakes every morning. She freezes the kale and blends it with berries and tons of other stuff. It looks disgusting, but it's eternal youth in a cup.

    Have fun on vacay!

  8. It's true, I've been ignoring you and a lot of other people I regularly follow. I spend about 4 hours blog hopping for A-Z another 2-3 for Camp Nano and I work 7 hours a day. I'd do the math but I'm too tired.

    I'm excited for your Monday news.

  9. I am not doing the A-Z, either-- I think I'm still burnt out from last year. Which isn't nearly as cool as sun burnt. You know, like you get from writing on a beach. Yes, I'm a little jealous. No, it doesn't make me love you any less.

  10. I can't wait to hear your writing news.

    Also, none of my ex's will talk to me, acknowledge I exist or behave in any sort of a grown up manner. I apparently make men turn into 12 year olds when the relationship ends.

  11. 1) I was in Dallas on business. So I didn't really get to enjoy myself too much during the day.

    2) BUT, I did get to eat the most delicious ribeye I've ever had. Bone-in and dry aged. I don't really know what all that means, but I've never had meat melt in my mouth like that before

    3) I wish I had been on a beach in Cali instead!

    1. Haha, Jay...I don't know what any of that dry aged means either but my mouth is watering right now :),

  12. "Well, screw that! The A-Z challenge will not defeat me."

    That, my friend, is what I would call classic Jessie. ;) I cannot wait to hear your writing news!

  13. Hey, we like to keep in touch too. Um, nothing interesting in my life. Allergies and girls camp planning. Want to trade?

  14. Keeping in touch can be tough but you must always try.

  15. Haha. Way to stick it to the A to Zers (like myself). Fun update. Huntington Beach is beautiful. Enjoy!

  16. I'm not an offical A-Zer either! Sounds like you have had lots going on though. Look forward to hearing your writing news :)

  17. I know what you mean, which is why I've been making an effort to still read and comment on my blogging buddies who aren't A to Z'ing.

    We just bought a juicer and it's been changing the way we eat in a big way. Good luck with yours and have a great vacation :)

    Left and Write

  18. So jealous that you're in Huntington Beach again! We'll have to do a retreat out there. And YAY for writing news! ;)

  19. I love my Vitamix! :) So jealous of you sitting in the sand and writing. Wait, I'm not supposed to be jealous. Um, I love changing poopy diapers and I have sand, lots of it, from the sandbox. My 2yo loves me!

  20. I'm not so good at keeping in touch (as you have probably guessed by now, ha!) but I'll try and be better. And I've joined the Vitamix fan club too! I bought one at the beginning of Feb and I absolutely agree that I feel like it's changed my life, or at least my nutrition and energy level. I have used it every single day since then. Hubby and I even took it on our road trip to southern Utah a couple of weeks ago (ask Erin!) and having veg and fruit smoothies helped me lose some weight. Okay, now that I've babbled on long enough, I have to tell you I'm dying to hear all about your writing/publication excitement!!!