Monday, May 20, 2013

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet...

While I was at the Storymakers conference in Utah last weekend, I took a Twitter basics class from @jaimetheler (Jaime Theler). I didn't know all the things that I didn't know about the Twitter:
  • It's for cool people now
  • Hashtags are #awesome
  • For some people its a good thing to be limited to 140 characters per tweet
  • You have access to breaking news in a way never before possible (ex.: if you read the hashtag #Boston right after the Boston marathon, you'd have real-time storytelling from people actually on-site = #prettycool
  • Its a way to connect to writing communities without having to be invited (like the Facebook), for ex.: #amwriting #askagent #yakidlitchat #etc
I actually learned much more than this as well, like some Twitter etiquette:
  • Do Not #shamelesslyselfpromoteallthetime (people will unfollow you)
  • Do Not #includemorethanthreehashtagspertweet
  • Do Not #makeuphastagsthatarehardtoread ---I just did that! Ooopsies.

But honestly, I am still on the fence with how involved in the Twitter I want to be. I feel like there is such a steep learning curve, and I've turned into my grandma who proclaimed, "I don't need a darn remote controlly-thingy for my TV. I have two feet and I can walk! Plus the Price is Right is on and why would I want to change that?"

Am I dinosaur, sticking to blogging and Facebook? I know my agent prefers the Twitter. I know smart people like Elana Johnson and James Dashner and Kanye West rock the Twitter world.

What's your opinion? #gottwocents?


  1. "For some people its a good thing to be limited to 140 characters per tweet"

    Ha! So true. I'm glad you're tweeting more!

  2. Your twitter graphic cracked me up. I tweet and blog and do a tiny bit of Facebook stuffs, but I still don't know what I'm doing half the time. I do think tweeting is a good idea because so much of the publishing community is there. My two cents: do what you have time for and what feels right for you.

  3. I'm tempted to join Twitter, because I think it sounds like fun; it seems like it would be a good way to get some writing practice done on a regular basis. But blogging already takes up a lot of my time; I'm afraid I wouldn't get any fiction writing done if I started Tweeting too. The only reason I want to join Facebook is because of the coupons, but so far, that's not enough of a reason for me to join.

  4. I don't post a ton on twitter but it does help me keep up with writerly goings-on. Do me a favor and find out about tumblr, then report. ;) I've been flirting with the idea of starting an account.

  5. Since I started twitter, I've used facebook less. It's like being able to be in touch with anyone, all quickie like, without having to sift through endless memes and such.

    Yep. I'm on the dark side, and I love it - we got cookies! :)

  6. I honestly don't understand Twitter.
    I think I'm my great grandma who used a needle and thread and not that new fangled machine to sew her clothes. What with all that foot pumping, you could get a cramp in your leg. ;)

  7. Definitely don't use it for self promotion only. A little interaction and 'slice of life' tweets will endear you over the "buy my book" types :)

  8. I have a problem and it's called Twitter.... I also love blogging and Facebooking (but my FB is mostly family/friends I know, and occasional writer friends). I didn't have Twitter for a long time, and then I got it after an agent told me it would be useful.

  9. I kinda have a love affair with Twitter. To me, it's like a big playground that doesn't take much time. AND I think I just motivated my agent to join (although I notice she's not tweeting much...hmmm). There's a small learning curve, but the connections you make are worth the time invested.

  10. I think twitter is important for writers to try but if I start checking it compulsively I'd go see a doctor.

  11. I haven't joined twitter because I'm afraid it will suck all my time. I do worry that I'm behind the times, or that I'll join it just as something else is taking over social media which I then won't join because I'm spending too much time trying to build a twitter following. For now I'm just waiting and watching. But if you do get involved, I'd love to hear about your experiences so I can make a more informed decision.

  12. I didn't want to do it, but I love Twitter now. It was amazing to get real-time tweets on the Boston Marathon bombing. It's cool to see what celebrities are tweeting. It's a great way to get news and interesting links w/o using more than 140 characters.

  13. It's really not so steep of a curve, and it let's you access people in ways Facebook can't. And sometimes I wish Twitter etiquette was a required course....

  14. Twitter is just like Skype. You put a comment out there and someone starts chatting with you about it. So if you like Skypeing with unknown people minus the whole camera thing then Twitter is for you.

  15. All of those things are true! Get on twitter NOW!

    I got more out of it than anything and have met so many people. Plus you find out so much too about new agents, books and competitions etc.

    The great thing is that you really can reply to people's tweets and have a conversations without being seen as a weirdo. There's more two way conversation. It's ace!

  16. TWITTER. It's not really any different than Facebook, as far as how you use it. You just have to be shorter. And it's SUCH a great opportunity to chat with people you otehrwise never would've met. I met both my crit group and got my agent via Twitter.

    The dark side, Jessie-- come over! We has cookies!

  17. I'm on the fence too. But I've heard it's a great way to connect. So I'm torn. I'll probably get on there sometime this summer.

  18. I have a twitter account, but I rarely do anything with it. I still have the learning curve - sounding much like you and your Grandma. But also - I just don't need one-more-thing-to-do! Bleh. One day I hope to do better at it. It really can be useful, just not sure I'm ready for it yet. :)

  19. I'm on Twitter and find it virtually incomprehensible. So much of what is being tweeted seems like next to useless info. I'm not interested in following movie stars or politicians, so I haven't done much with it. But, I'm sure it will prove useful to me someday.

  20. I mostly use twitter to chat with my friends, so I'm not there all the time. But I do enjoy it. :)

    It's really up to you and your comfort level. Also, it can be time-consuming if you're not careful. But so is FB and blogging, so ya know. Choose your evils wisely, I guess.

  21. I like the Twitter. ;0) I don't use it as much as I used to but I know I will probably use it more in the future. When I'm special like Elana and Dashner. LOL I think once you have fans it becomes a really easy way to interact with them. #jumpoffthefenceandjustdoit

  22. I have a hard time with Twitter. It seriously feels like I'm being bombarded with junk mail there. Andmy kids are there, and every time I tweet, they make fun of my #'s. Evidently, I am # impaired!

  23. I've started to like twitter more now that I have some people I chat with regularly over there. I think having a network that helps promote and have fun together really makes it fun. Otherwise, I swear it's like talking into a vacuum!

  24. Great tips! I'm kind of a Twitter addict. It's a good thing I work another job or I'd want to tweet to all my friends all day long.

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  27. These are great tips! I don't know if its because I'm a teenager, but I found all of your hashtags easy to read.

  28. Funny.
    @marionjensen gave a class on social media at storymakers two years ago, and it ended up being a twitter class.
    I was hooked after that.
    I've gotten one agent and one book deal just by chatting on twitter.
    Granted, I'm not still w/ my first agent, but I'm doing edits now on the book deal...
    It's SUCH a quick, easy way to stay in contact w/ people and to know what's going on in the industry.

    I want to add that I'm a HUGE believer in twitter "lists" because once you start following a lot of people, you won't be able to sort out your twitter feed.
    I keep all my lists "private" so people don't know I added them lists like "annoying people" (I'm totally kidding. This is not one of my lists).
    I have a friends' list, a close friends list, I have lists of people who are authors for pub houses I'd like to be with as well as their editors but that's just for me to see, lol.
    I have fav authors lists and book blogger lists, b/c every time a book comes out (EVEN w/ bigger pubs) I want to remember who has helped me in the past.
    Anyway. I'm obviously a HUGE believer in twitter, lol.
    Also. I know I've been gone a while, but it's all made-over here. I likey :D
    @jolenebperry ...

  29. You know you should do it... do the Twitter thing... all the cool kids do it... #peerpressure