Friday, June 7, 2013

Donate and Karma Might Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Several weeks ago, friend/best-selling author/writing mentor Dave Wolverton had a tragedy in his family when his son, Ben, was in a longboarding accident. Now Dave is looking at over a million dollars in hospital bills.

Today is the day many of us in the writing blogosphere have selected for a:
To learn more about this, GO HERE
Just remember that even small donations can make a BIG difference. And we're doing prizes for those that are willing to help by spreading the word or by making a donation!

See my sidebar for the link to donate. And also visit Leigh Covington's blog to enter a rafflecopter giveaway to win one of Dave's books.
I'm not PROMISING a 100% karma-return-on-investment (possibly in the form of your wildest writing dreams coming true), but I'm also not denying it could happen! 

Word to your mothers!