Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Slapped In the Face

Yesterday afternoon I was trying to take a nap on the couch when my 3 year old comes over to me and says, "Mom."

I don't answer because I want her to think I'm already asleep.

She slaps me on the face and says, "Mom."
I act like a dead fish and take the slap like a man, holding to my strategy.

She pulls at my hair and says, "Mom!"

I keep my eyes closed, determined to convince her with my peaceful protest that Mommy needs a nap.

Then she proceeds to say, "Mom," twenty-nine more times (yes, I counted) until I finally open my eyes and am forced to make a decision. Should I:

a) sweetly stroke her face and say, "What can I do for you, honey?"
b) growl at her like a werewolf until she sees the fire in my pupils and runs away
c) hold to my guns and command her (in a scary voice) to, "Leave me alone!"
d) curl into the fetal position and pray for a miracle to draw her away from me
e) plead with Mr. Humphries (at the top of my lungs because he's upstairs) to come and help me; or
f) pull her into my arms and cuddle with her until she falls asleep with me.

What happens?

g) I close my eyes and let her keep on saying Mom a few more dozen times because honestly, I'm just too exhausted after a very busy week that I'm totally capable of sleeping through that broken record. I know, I proudly accept the Mother of the Year Award!

But let's be candid--sometimes we run ourselves into the ground. I know I do. Finding inspiration, fuel, energy, balance can be difficult. But we push through it and usually there is a reward on the other end. Sometimes it's as simple as a square of chocolate, a good movie night, a beautiful scene written, a nice little twenty minute nap...but it counts.

What kind of face-slapping have you endured lately? And what kind of reward have you found for pushing through it?


  1. Your kid's nice. Mine do a pile drive into my stomach. Hard to maintain composure with the wind knocked out of you. And where did they learn to do a pile drive, anyway? ...

    But seriously, that's intense. Hope the recover stage kicks in and gives you the "drive" to keep the awesomeness going. :)

  2. Haha, oh, I'm sorry. But that's adorable. :)

  3. LOL, I remember that kind of face-slapping. I think the metaphorical kind is sometimes easier to bear than the insistent three year old version.

  4. it makes my husband crazy how much I can tune out. I'm like - that's not an angry yell, they're playing...let it
    I feel like I'm right on the edge of having a good balance again.
    Though, right now, I'm on your blog instead of getting lunches ready and we have to leave in like 5 minutes, so I'm probably a ways away from balance...

    I will say that my MIL came to stay for a MONTH, and I escaped to Starbucks for a few hours every morning, and I swear I get so much more done when I'm not at home where laundry and children and animals and phone and neighbors can all distract me.

  5. Hope you got some sleep. Yes, sometimes life can be exhausting. I've been up since 5:00 and have to go to school for 2 hours after work. It'll be a lot of coffee for me today. Not sure if it's a reward but it keeps me going.

  6. My kids try to pry up my eyelids. I never can (pretend) sleep through that.

  7. Wow that's the story of having kids. *Winces* Getting my book done, I guess.

  8. whoa, that had to suck...i would have gone for the werewolf reaction but i tend to laugh afterwards and the kids always know i'm teasing. i'm just waiting for everything to come life in general :)~

  9. Ah, kids. Hang in there, Jessie!

    Life slaps me in the face a lot. I wonder what this means... ;)

  10. I'm totally worn out too, and I've been sick this week, but I'm rewarding myself where I can, otherwise I'll just lose it! Glad you got a nap ;)

  11. At some point, they'd just stick their fingers up my nose and I'd have to wake up. Screaming.

  12. I think these are some of those things that one has to enjoy and take it as very soon they will outgrow us and that is the time when we will miss that close proximity with our kids.

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