Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Quickie: Believe In Big Ideas

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It. 
Thursday, January 30, 2014
  • __*** lbs. over/under Goal Weight (if I was serious about this goal weight thing on 1-11...I was crazy. January was rough! Chocolate was needed.)
  • 1,000,000 Calories Consumed Yesterday (yes, it was that kind of day!)
  • __5__ Units of Caffeinated (or otherwise non-water) Beverages (Wednesdays--Hump Days-- suck sometimes)
  • _ 2 hrs Spent Writing (media kit done and done)
  • _1__   Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (Spaghetti with turkey sausage, garlic, and fresh tomato...don't ask if the kids' loved it...cuz' they didn't :/)
Thursday Quickie

This is where I  post a QUICK WRITING (or otherwise publication related) TIP. Whether it be technical or creative, useful or not, I'm gonna give it to you! You're gonna be imagining that you're Faith Hill and  Tim McGraw is singing "Let's Make Love" to you:
Or not.

The writing tip: Believe in your big ideas. Advanced technology with mind control. Futuristic society where surfing in the clouds is possible. Teen assassins. Whatever. But when you choose your hook, your premise, your high concept, shoot for the stars. Don't be limited by fears, seemingly impossible physics, or small thinking. Let your creativity and energy take you to places where inspiration and endless possibility exist! (I sound like I'm high, don't I?)

Jessie With A Shot At The Night


  1. A world with teleportation and telepathy! Wait, I already imagined that one...

  2. Thanks for the Thursday inspiration. So true we need to believe in ourselves and our big ideas.

  3. No, you sound perfectly sane! I have a book idea that would take a lot of plotting to get it just right and sometimes I fear I wouldn't smart enough to pull it off. Guilty of fearing the big thinking!