Thursday, January 2, 2014

Writing Quickie: Find Your Best Time of Day

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It.

Thursday January 2, 2014
  • __5.6__ lbs. over/under Goal Weight (running 4 miles on the beach only earned me a .4 loss!? Mother F*$%;!)
  • _1250 Calories Consumed Yesterday (back on track--except for the two spoonfuls of daughter's strawberry-Oreo milkshake)
  • __3__ Units of Caffeinated (or otherwise non-water) Beverages (marked improvement)
  • __0__ Minutes Spent Writing (Rose Bowl, baby!)
  • __0__ Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (Still on vacay!)

The Quickie

This is where I  post a QUICK WRITING TIP. A writing skill everyone should know. Whether it be technical or creative, useful or not, I'm gonna give it to you! You're gonna be humming the lyrics to "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus (maybe even straddling or licking strange objects):

Or maybe not.

Everyone has a time of day where they are at their creative best. Alternately, we will also have times of day when we are at our physical, emotional, mental best. For me:
  • Early mornings- best for writing (my brain cells have been replenished and it's quiet);
  • Late morning- best for working out (after sitting on my arse for 2-3 hours I need to move);
  • Early afternoon- best for other kinds of work that require mental focus (like suing people, paying bills, answering emails, etc.)
  • Late afternoon- best for running errands, cleaning house, or other mindless tasks;
  • Early evening- best for spending time with family, making dinner, and not doing much else because I'm starting to slip into zombie mode.
  • Late evening- best for nothing! I'm usually depleted of all my creative, physical, emotional, mental energy. All I can muster past 9:00 pm is to read or watch an episode of The Walking Dead on DVR and spooning.
 It's important to target those hours of the day that are best for your writing and make the most of them. So when is your best writing time?

Jessie With A Shot At The Night


  1. For me it's late morning/early afternoon. I'd love to be able to write at night when the city is quiet, but I'm usually not in the mood. I love how you're keeping track of your goals on your blog.

  2. I'm an afternoon/evening writer. I've tried to write early in the morning, but my brain takes a long time to wake up, so I'm better off doing blogs, and things that don't require as much concentration. I do my workout late morning, then write after lunch. :D

  3. Hey, you stole my daily schedule! haha. I'm trying to lose weight right now too (who isn't?) Anyway I lost a pound already. I'm only trying to lose ten, so this is good news :D

  4. Best time to write? When my child is napping. Lol.

  5. I'm still not sure when my best time to write is, I tend to snatch time when I can. Must be a better way to be more productive.

    Moody Writing

  6. I don't really have a best time of day, but it does take me a bit to get off facebook and into the writing zone, so it's whenever I can block out an hour or so out of my day.

  7. Morning for writing and working out, but I have to be at work by 7:20. I might be committing to waking at 4:30 - that would give me an hour to write and a quick 15-20 HIIT workout before shower before waking daughter before scriptures. I love and hate this idea so hard.

  8. I'm still a "write when you can" dude, which means competing with kids or in the middle of the night when insomnia hits. Hopefully that changes eventually. Walking Dead for the win! :)

  9. I love your tips! Great ones and good luck on your writing!