Monday, February 3, 2014

Killer Monday: Catching The Killers and Paying It Forward

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It.

Monday, January 27, 2014
  • __***__ lbs. over/under Goal Weight (ran marathon yesterday and "feel" lighter)
  • No freaking clue  Calories Consumed Yesterday (combo of running 13.1 miles and Super Bowl Sunday... No. Freaking. Clue.)
  • __3__ Units of Caffeinated (or otherwise non-water) Beverages (I must've drank ten gallons of water however.)
  • __0 hrs  Spent Writing (ain't nobody got time for that when there are naps to be taken and prop bets to be made)
  • _1_Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (I lovingly created myself a "Happy Marathon Cake" and terribly enjoyed uncreating it in my mouth)

Remember that movie, Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt (and that kid from The Sixth Sense)?

It was filmed in Las Vegas, which makes it even awesome-er (except for the ending when something terrible happens that we won't talk about). But the concept is simple--if every person commits to three random acts of kindness, the "pay it forward" effect will multiply exponentially.

It's also like those really touching Liberty Mutual commercials where one person observes someone else doing something generous, helpful, or thoughtful, and decides to do something like that themselves. It can be something really simple, like picking up a stuffed animal off the ground that the little girl or mother didn't see was dropped. Or it can be pulling someone out of the road when a taxi speeds by.

I believe that the more we look for these opportunities to do good things, the more opportunities there will be to do so. Like yesterday when I was running somewhere around mile eight and feeling the burn, some random kids on the sidelines gave me high fives and cheered me on. It totally put a smile on my face and a burst of much needed energy.

So my sales pitch to The Killers today is: if you come appear/play at my launch party, I will pay it forward. Not just in ice cream or awkward hugging, but in helping support other members of the Las Vegas community who are striving to do something good and positive.

Jessie With A Shot At The Night


  1. That was a great movie. Glad you had a good run at the marathon. And The Killers, seriously, you need to go to Jessie's launch party. :)

  2. The Killers? Damn why don't I have a passport! Good luck with the launch and that movie was beautiful yet tragic.

  3. It's amazing how I can be loving a movie, then get to the end and despise it.

    Congratulations on the marathon, you deserved the cake!