Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day and Blog Tour Stop For Author Christina Farley With A Giveaway

Happy Green Beer Day, and...Happy Free Pass-On-Sexual-Harassment-Pinching Day, and...Happy Douchey-T-Shirt-Day-For-Dudes-Who-Want-To-Get-Lucky, and...Happy Lie-To-Your-Children-About-the-Existence-of-Leprachauns Day, and whatever else American's do on a federal holiday that we may not know very much about (I had to turn to Google to answer my kids' question, "What's St. Patricks Day anyway?" I hope you're having a great day with or without those things. (And I apologize if you're currently wearing a "Get Lucky" shamrock shirt...don't take it off. It's fine ;)

But thing that makes me most happy about today is that it's MY day to host a stop on my girl, Christina Farley's blog tour:

So I was originally supposed to put together an amazing video blog, but like the Big B-word that I am...I Bailed and decided to do a Letterman-esque Top Ten list. Don't worry this will be way better...

*clears throat*

Top Ten Things I Love About Christina Farley:

10. She is beautiful. Like truly stunning. As in drop dead gorgeous. Check her out:

9. She also happens to be beautiful on the inside--I've been very lucky to be the recipient of much of her generosity, kindness and support in this last year. Last month I was able to visit her in her hometown of Orlando where we met up to bond over Ghiradelli chocolate and very similar publishing journeys. Basically we are best friends forever now:
(P.S.Erin Summerill was also wanting bff status with Christina)
(P.P.S. the "Timeless Pleasure" sign is a bit creepy, no?)

8. She video blogs like a boss. You can subscribe to her YouTube page HERE.

7. She's a teacher and has an awesome Study Guide for her book and tons of useful information for other teachers. Check it out HERE.

6. She's a world traveller. In fact, because she lived and worked in Korea as a teacher for many years, she's got some serious cred as an author who chose to set her book there.

5. She's a go-getter. So organized, so driven, so energetic, I'm convinced there's nowhere she won't go and nothing she can't do. From being a ballerina to training in martial arts, she's amazing.

4. She's worked as a character actress at DisneyWorld, though I can't tell you which characters or else I'll have to kill you. Let's just say that she does those elegant princess fingers really well.

3. Her book trailer gives me goosebumps:

2. She's my debut pub sister, meaning both our books are coming out in 2014 from Amazon Children's Publishing/Skyscape. There's actually four of us who have joined forces Power Rangers-style. I think Christina would be the red ranger, I'd be the yellow one, Lori Lee the green one, and Meredith McCardle the pink one. And we don't have a blue one, because we ain't got no dudes in our group. We should get a dude. We should also get a poster like this for our tour we are doing in the Fall, and have it read "Skyscapers: YA Warriors"...

1. Her book GILDED is amazeballs. It's a transporting story full of fascinating mythology, endearing characters, and high adventure. I seriously feel smarter for having read it! There's a reason that it's ranked #1 on in like a billionty categories...

Buy it now at Amazon, BAM, IndieBound and Barnes and Noble

Check Christina out all over the place!
Twitter: @ChristinaFarley

And lastly, enter for a chance to win a Kindle and other cool stuff:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  2. So awesome you're friends with Christina and Lori. And that you got to see each other in person. Imagine that! I hope I find some people as cool as you two to go through a debut year someday.

  3. Ohmygosh-- that trailer IS incredible! I loved it!

    And dude. You should have me make that poster.

  4. Okay, I've seen this book around, but now it seriously has my attention. Christina Farley sounds amazing! As for the poster - I'd love to see you in a Power Ranger costume! Go for it!

  5. Yes, she sounds TOTALLY AMAZING! Love this and I LOVE that trailer! Definitely going to read this!

  6. That trailer was filled with awesomeness! Will have to get this on my TR list! :)

  7. The trailer is AWESOME! And this book sounds amazing. It's been on my TBR list for a while now! :)

  8. It's about Korea? That like totally shot this thing way up my TBR list. (Imagine if I had stopped that sentence two words early ;)
    I'm sold!

  9. I've had my eye on this book for quite awhile. It looks beyond amazing! You're in some good company with Skyscape and Christina Farley. Very cool!

  10. Christina, your book sounds SO good! Love the trailer (and your adorable yellow dress in your pic.) Can't wait to read the book!!!

  11. Both Christina and her book sound amazing! Definitely putting GILDED on my list!

    Jessie, I'd pay to see you in that yellow costume. Like, real money.

  12. This book sounds super cool! I can't wait to read it!

  13. *Hehehe* I loved how y'all have combined forces Power Ranger style. But the question would be, which Power Ranger generation/style would y'all be (there are many).

    Gilded sounds so good! Very curious about it since it's set in Korea. =)

  14. Jessie- Thank you a million times. YOU are the most amazing person. I can't even handle this post. I do know I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. AND that we need that poster made! It would be epic and crazy and completely fun. xoxoxoxoxo