Monday, April 21, 2014

Killer Monday: Another Killer Storytelling Writing Contest Announcement

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It.

Monday, April 21, 2014
  • __3__ Gratitudes (Easter chocolate, Easter egg hunts, and Easter vacations with family)
  • __4__ Units of Caffeinated (or otherwise non-water) Beverages (revisions turned in at 1:50 am, several hours past due, so yeah...)
  • __12 hrs  Spent Writing (that may be an all-time record. Someone give me a new brain.)
  • _0__  Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (ha! I barely had time to use the bathroom, visit my sister in law who is in the hospital on bed rest due to pregnancy, watch the Easter egg hunt that my mom and husband helped out with, and snarf down a truck load of the aforementioned chocolate!)
Killer Storytelling Writing Contest Update

It just keeps getting better you guys.

So last week I announced that the winner of the one-page writing contest is not only going to win: 1) a laptop; 2) a laptop for their teacher/mentor; BUT ALSO 3) a Ruby Rose-designed guitar signed by members of the band The Killers.

Now I’m adding the cherry on top 4):

A visit to the set of CSI at CBS Studios in Los Angeles, and lunch with the show’s writer/creator, Anthony Zuiker (a Chaparral High School alum).***  Anthony was one of the inspirations for this contest, as he is one of the most successful writers to come out of the Clark County School District. He’s a talented, caring, and generous dude and I’m grateful for his support.

Okay, you can stop screaming and flailing around with excitement now! 

The deadline is tomorrow people. Tuesday, April 22nd (at 5:00 for postmarked entries and midnight for emailed entries). So get to work if you haven’t already!

***Due to insurance and liability issues, this prize is not officially endorsed by the Clark County School District. It is considered a “supplementary prize” and therefore if the winner chooses to redeem this offer, he/she will indemnify and hold CCSD harmless for any activities associated therewith.

And in case you missed it, last week I was interviewed by Jessica Moore and Jim Snyder on NBC Channel 3 about the Killer Storytelling Writing Contest. It was a live in-studio interview and a total thrill! Here's a clip:

Jessie With A Shot At The Night


  1. Wow! Your contest just keeps getting better and better. You have so many awesome things planned for your release.

  2. And here I never actually thought I'd be wishing that my kids went to school in Las Vegas. ;) This is beyond awesome.

  3. Seriously??? Jessie, I am so inspired by your "take action" personality! I'm so happy for you :).

  4. congrats!! that so cool to get those connections going like that :D