Monday, April 7, 2014

My Writing Process

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It.

Monday, April 7, 2014
  • __3__ Gratitudes (epic moments, people who work hard on behalf, possibilities)
  • __1__ Units of Caffeinated Beverages (most definitely not enough...)
  • __0__  Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (being on set of the filming of my book trailer for 15 hours yesterday didn't exactly lend itself to culinary brilliance, however, I did stock the craft services table pretty good with fresh fruit, snacks, drinks and ice cream)
Today, I've been asked to participate in a blog tour. So here we go...

My Writing Process-Blog Tour

Step 1: (Acknowledge the person who tagged me). Meredith McCardle, you are hereby acknowledged ;)

Step 2: (Answer these questions):
1.     What are you working on?
·      Revisions for RESISTING RUBY ROSE (book #2 in the Ruby Rose series)
2.     How does my work differ from others of its genre?
·      I may have a relatively higher ratio of kissing & killing than most books do...
3.     Why do I write what I do?
·      For the fun
·      For the challenge
·      For the creative outlet
·      For the cold, hard cash (kidding)
4.     How does your writing process work?
·      This is still evolving and probably always will be because I’m easily bored and constantly distracted, but it mostly consists of a quiet place, a lovely beverage, and time to think. It also involves a lot of sheer moments of inspiration and devastating writers block. I'm always surprised when I actually finish anything because it's truly so difficult. But ALWAYS rewarding (even when it sucks and I have to revise the shizzz out of it). 

Step 3: (Choose three people to tag for next week)

·      I’m not good at this part. Will I have bad luck for 13 years because I’ve failed to pass the torch?

Jessie With A Shot At The Night


  1. I write for the cold hard cash as well. Usually in my yacht. With the pool boy feeding me grapes and fanning me. Yup.

  2. I just finished Killing Ruby Rose and really enjoyed it. I thought it was a great read and very well written. Congrats on the book! I can't wait for number two.

  3. High ratios of kissing and killing are the best!

  4. Right now I am writing for cash because my ghost writing gig is the only thing getting cash money into my pocket and my laptop fund. I love writing though and did it from a child for nothing and working on making it a full time thing to support myself completely. Translation not living in my parents house. As soon as I get a gift card I'm grabbing a copy of your book Jesse. I might just snag a spot off that process and tip. Next time just offer it to the first three comments that haven't done it or want to do it. No bad uck for you, you're too sweet.

  5. Ahh, sounds like a book I would enjoy!

    By the way, I believe you know my sister, Laura Moxley. I'm in the process of trying to get my first book published and she was telling me about you. Glad I found you in this blogosphere! :)