Monday, October 20, 2014

Killer Monday: Killer Weekend Recap

Jessie’s Bullets: Cock It and Pull It.

Monday, October 20, 2014
  • __3__ Gratitudes (supportive friends, loyal family, and generous fellow-authors)
  • __4__ Units of Caffeinated (or otherwise non-water) Beverages (celebration beverages!)
  • __0 hrs  Spent Writing (24 hours spent recovering from crazy week)
  • _0__  Culinary Delights/Disasters Created With Own Hands (Roberto's Taco Shop for Sunday Brunch... so classy.)
So...this last week was CRAZY! Here's why:

  • Tuesday thru Friday was the SkYAuthors Tour, wherein me and my fellow ninja authors, Christina Farley, Lori M. Lee, and Meredith McCardle, travelled around Las Vegas and Southern Utah doing school events, bookstore signings, and general partying every minute of every day and every night.

Parowan High School 
(It was like driving onto the set of Gilmore Girls. Parowan people: I love you! Especially the beautiful girl who ran home after our presentation to grab money so she could buy my book!)

 Main Street Books, Cedar City, Utah
(Having fun answering some very entertaining questions about our books. Like, "What do you think you suck at when it comes to writing?" Good question! )

Northwest Career & Technical Academy
(I was so proud to show off this amazing campus, with incredible students and teachers to my East-coast friends)

 Having lunch outside the Container Park where I had my first book launch.

I took the girls out to the Hoover Dam. Lori was just afraid as she looks in this pic! 
  • Saturday day was spent speaking and signing at the Vegas Valley Book Festival, which was a spectacular event.

The Nevada Sesquicentennial Panel 
(wherein NV authors talked about books and I said inappropriate things, per usual)

I got to sign books next to my gorgeous, Vegas-writer-bestie, Lindsey Leavitt. 
  • Saturday night was my LAUNCH PARTY for the second book in the Ruby Rose Series, RESISTING RUBY ROSE, at the dynamic Downtown Project venue, Gold Spike. 'Twas killer!
 It was also a costume party. My sister Julie was a tatted-up rock-star-girl (who strangely looks a lot like Brett Michaels sans beard), my bff Erin was 80's leopard-unitard-aerobics-girl (aka whore, haha),  and I was a pleather-panted-police officer (but the patch on my arm said "Babe Patrol"). Fun story: after the party. So to entertain my out-of-town guests, I started running over to break it up with my plastic nightstick, while hollering, "Stop, I'm Babe Patrol!" (as you do) when I realize someone has a gun... A REAL GUN! And then I hid and prayed no one at my book launch would die. Luckily, we all lived. Thank you, Las Vegas for being ridiculous.

 My lil' bro, Jeff, came back from college to be there for me. Ladies, he's single and ready to mingle!

SkYAuthors partying it up once again.

My awesome friend, Allyson won the raffle giveaway for the Ruby Rose Kindle Paperwhite. She wins everything! Ten years ago, we went on a cruise and she won $1,000 playing bingo!!!

And now, I'm tired. So I'm gonna go take a nap now!

Thanks everyone for coming, sending well-wishes, buying my second book (which officially comes out October 28th), and otherwise being kind to me. 



  1. So fun!! Wish I could have been there! Maybe for book three?? Congratulations!

  2. Sounds so awesome touring with your author friends. And your book release party sounds so fun.

  3. Whew, sounds like you had an amazing (and exhausting) week! Congrats!!

  4. Sounds (and looks) like a great time! Congrats on your second release, my friend! Wish I could have been there.

  5. The four of you are so freaking adorable! I'm glad all the school visits went so well.

    And that we didn't die when they pulled out that gun. I'm really grateful for that. :)

  6. So FUN!!! What a great weekend.

  7. Wish I could have been there to celebrate your second book. That didn't take long! Your parties are awesome. :)