Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What's Up 2016

Hey Blogosphere!

Long time, no see. You look good. You been working out? Eating right? You look amaze balls! I've missed you. *awkward high five/fist bump/hug action*

Anywayzzzzz, we should catch up, yeah? Totally. I've got a few minutes. You wanna sit down criss-cross-applesauce for a minute? Cool.

I know you've got places to be, people to see, so... yeah, what's up with me:

  • I've been having a blast being a Tennis Pro at DragonRidge Country Club and Southern Highlands these last couple of months. Love the sunshine, love the people, love being active. It's the shiz. I get to work with the likes of these beautiful ladies: 

  • I've also teamed up with my mom and sister sharing and selling DoTerra Essential Oils. I know, I know...random, right? Well, it wasn't until I faced some health concerns last year that I decided I needed to focus on my health and the health of my family. It's been empowering to learn how to take control through a safe and natural solution. Me and my sista' will be launching our new website EssentiallyMoms.com in the next few weeks. So look out for some fun YouTube videos on that!

  • AND...I've rediscovered my love of writing. I'm working on two (or three) different projects right now. Writing will always be a passion of mine, even when it goes into hibernation mode due to stress, pressures, and just LIFE in general. In fact, today I'm featured in a podcast by web designer, neighbor, writing colleague extraordinaire, Joseph Stevenson. He's crazy brilliant with computers and marketing and design. You gotta check him (and the interview) out. HERE: Joseph Stevenson Podcast He's also an American Ninja...so there's that. 
Look at me talking about myself this whole time. I'm such a spaz! So what's going down with you?