About Me

The Short (Bullet-Point) Version:

Things I used to do:
  • Play tennis at Weber State University and San Diego State University;
  • Live in Paris and speak fluent French; and
  • Act like someone else on stage and camera for my Theater undergrad degree.
Things I currently do:
  • Practice law part-time;
  • Mother handfuls of children; and
  • Write Young Adult novels.

Some people like to call me a B-Word...for all sorts of different reasons!

The Longer (jpg-enhanced) Version:

When I was a little girl I wanted to be on the Disney Channel so bad that I named my cat, "Disney" and practiced memorizing lines from TV shows all day.
(Remember KIDS INCORPORATED? Yes, that little blonde girl is Fergie. I wanted to be her!)

When I was a teenager I wanted to play college tennis so bad that I hung a poster of Andre Agassi on my wall (the one with the mullet and hot pink biker shorts) and practiced playing tennis 4-5 hours a day.
 (Andre is from my hometown of Las Vegas. We even had the same coach. I was totally in love with Mr. Agassi, despite his mullet. I'd sit and watch him practice with his shirt off on Saturday mornings. I don't think my parents knew I was doing that ;)

When I was a young adult I wanted to be a stage actress so bad that I moved to London for two summers to watch over fifty plays and then act my way through an undergraduate degree in Theater Arts.
 (This is actress, Cate Blanchett, starring in the play PLENTY,which I saw in London. Amazing!)

When I was a semi-adult I wanted to be an attorney so bad that I spent all my free time and money to go to law school and study my brains out for three years.
(Okay, so I've never worn a pink suit to Court, but I might be known to enjoy a few pink accessories from time to time.)

When I was full-fledged adult I wanted to be a wife and mother so bad that I married the man of my dreams, Mr. Humphries, and got to doing...yanno, the thing that makes you a mother! ;).
(I even got my beach wedding!)

Now...I write. A lot. I get up at the crack of dawn most days, ride my beach cruiser to the Starbucks up the street, and write until I'm summoned back to real life where conflict exists in the form of screaming children (or sometimes screaming adults if I'm in the Family Court) instead of the high intensity action scenes in my books.

Aside from writing, I also enjoy beating my husband at golf, running slightly faster than old people in half marathons, and visiting the beach as much as possible.