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Ruby Rose
On the first night
The ending of a nightmare

Cross the city
Driving through the valley
There's rain and simple thoughts
Of killer after-party’s

So I
Fall away from the door
Casting radiant light around

All the time goes by
In the soft lit sorrow
The ending of her always aching shadow
For life

I comb the coast-roads
A gun inside my glovebox
And I want my father back
The man who taught me that
To take a life can save one

So I
Fall away from the door
Casting shadows around the room
Called him out, took him down, owned the night

All the days go by
All in the soft lit sorrow
the ending of her always aching shadow
A life you hide

Hold the gun out by my side
To burn the darkness, burns inside
I am the one that he gave his life to
Back when he had a body was his own
And I long for that

Hear me now my dearest Dad
It burned my heart up when I heard
I took a ride in the coast-roads thinking of all the time
With you
And in the sparkling Spring light opening all the days
I shared with you
Now you're gone


Ruby Rose
Oh, Ruby Rose

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